About Tara
About Tara

Tara Theatre - Connecting Worlds

Bringing together artists and audiences under the shade of our tree.

Step through the Indian front door into a world of colour, where the small is global. Tara Theatre's 100 plush seats surround an earth floor for actors to weave their magic on. Its Studio offers opportunities for intimate rehearsals, small events and meetings, while its outdoor Patio - flanked by railway sleepers - lets in light and air in safe surroundings.

Tara Theatre is home to a world of stories, from the classic to the new.

Why ‘Tara’?

The word Tara has a number of meanings.

In most North Indian languages ‘Tara’ means 'star' ...

In Buddhism ‘Tara’ is the Goddess of Love and Art ...

In Ireland the ‘Hill of Tara’ is an ancient seat of power ...

Tara connects worlds... 



Praveen Bahl, Ovais Kadri, Sunil Saggar, Vijay Shaunak, Jatinder Verma MBE



Sir Richard Eyre CBE, Shobana Jeyasingh MBE, Naseem Khan OBE, Hanif Kureishi CBE, Sir Salman Rushdie, Nitin Sawhney


Company Details

Full company name: Tara Arts Group Ltd
Registered Address: 356 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4ES
Charity Registration number: 295547; Company number: 2059664
Registered in England
Directors: as listed above
Company Limited by Guarantee
VAT number: 212 788 796

"Tara" & "Tara Arts" are the names used by: Tara Arts Group Ltd. Tara Productions Ltd company no: 9365444 & Tara Arts Enterprises Ltd. company no: 9365484

 TARA ARTS gratefully acknowledges support from the following:



'the world in a grain of sand' - William Blake




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