Assassins - the Myths & Legends: A talk by Malise Ruthven
Assassins - the Myths & Legends: A talk by Malise Ruthven

Assassins - the Myths & Legends: A talk by Malise Ruthven

Tara Extras

Wed 28 September


During Tara’s opening production of Paradise of the Assassins we are curating a series of talks and discussions exploring the wider cultural world of ancient Persia and its myths and legends.

Inspiration for literary fiction in many cultures across the globe, assassins strike an unusual mixture of fear and excitement in most readers – partly due to the extraordinary circumstances they find themselves in and the super powers they seem to have acquired over time. Malise Ruthven is a much lauded writer, journalist and teacher whose work has covered in depth the myths and legends surrounding the ancient assassins sect.

Malise will be giving a unique talk about some of the fascination and background behind these myths and legends which have created such a following in our culture today.


Malise Ruthven is an Anglo-Irish academic and writer. He earned an MA in English Literature at Cambridge University, before working as a scriptwriter with the BBC Arabic and World Service, and a consultant on Middle Eastern affairs. He earned his PhD in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University. Having pursued a career as a writer, journalist and teacher, he focuses his work on religion, fundamentalism, and especially Islamic affairs. Malise Ruthven's book reviews have appeared in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Observer, The Times Literary Supplement, Prospect Magazine and The New York Review of Books (NYR). His blog for the NYR, Revolution by Latrine, won an award from the Overseas Press Club of America in April 2011.

He is a regular contributor to the NYR, where he has written articles and reviews on such topics as Al Qaeda, Islam in Europe, unanswered questions in the Lockerbie crash and the repression of gay people in Iran. He also contributes occasionally to the BBC. He used the term "Islamofascism" as early as 8 September 1990 in The Independent. In 2004, London's Prospect magazine ranked Malise Ruthven among the 100 top public intellectuals in Britain. 

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