Night Light
Night Light

Night Light

Mandala Theatre Company

Weds 1 - Sat 4 February, 7.30pm

Somewhere in England two teenage asylum seekers, fearing deportation, hide out in an abandoned factory. As the cold night unfolds, they imagine their future and tell each other about their past.

In the midst of sharing food and stories, they hear someone else arrive. Terrified, they creep towards the door where they find a familiar figure. He joins the teenagers and the three of them talk through the night about home, belonging and the system…

But the children remain wary; at any point he can reveal their hiding place, turn them over to the authorities and send them back to their countries and to danger.

The panel for post show Q&A on Thurs 2 February include:

Tom Green - Counterpoints Arts

Fancesca Meloni - University College London & Being Adult Research team

Gull Zada - British Red Cross & Being Adult Research team


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