Tara Theatre
Tara Theatre

Tara Theatre


Architecturally a fusion of East and West, Tara Theatre features antique doors from India, an earth stage floor, 100 comfortable seats in the theatre auditorium, a development Studio and an outdoor Patio walled by railway sleepers.

All enveloped by a stylised tree inscribed on the facade - reminding audiences and artists of the roots of theatre anywhere in the world: stories being told and shared under the shade of a tree.

Using over 7,500 bricks reclaimed from the old building, it is lined in wood throughout with tall windows.

Seedam (green) roofs and air-source heating and ventilation provide constant comfort-levels. Our lighting is operated by sensors to conserve energy and cut costs. And we have 16 solar panels to help us generate our own energy, further reducing costs.

The building is fully accessible, with a lift to all floors and no restrictions on wheelchair access from the High Street. Free WiFi is available on every floor of the building.

The new Tara Theatre has been made possible by generous support from Arts Council England, many Trusts and Foundations and over 1,400 of our fabulous friends.


'O brave new world, That has such people in ’t!' - Shakespeare










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