Interview with The Game of Love & Chai cast member, Goldy Notay

Interview with The Game of Love & Chai cast member, Goldy Notay

14 February 2018

We caught up with Goldy Notay for a chat about her character Kamala-Ji, working with Gurinder Chadha and her sense of home.


Tell us about the play in 30 seconds!

It's about love and playing games, and the insecurities and awkwardness people have when they're seeing each other for the first time. It’s all the games we play when we've just met someone we like. It's a celebration of all that! 


How would you describe your character, Kamala-Ji?

Words that come to mind are eccentric, trickster, fun and elaborate. She doesn't do anything in half measures.


You've had such an interesting career, with a mix of stage and film. What's your favourite role to date?

I don't really have one favourite, which I think is a great thing. I’ve been lucky to play so many diverse roles. I like the characters I’ve played for different reasons. Sometimes I’ve played the love interest, sometimes I’ve been the domineering mother or aunt; being able to throw yourself into every single role is really the beauty of acting. I also go into it with an attitude of ‘I may never get a part like this again!’. That helps you to equally love everything you do.


How do you feel about doing comedy? 

It’s so good to come back to comedy! I've done quite a lot of serious plays in the last few years and I’ve felt that I was moving away from comedy. I realised that a lot of Asian playwrights out there don’t write comedies. When I was in drama school they always said to me that comedy was likely an area that I’d move into. I’d like to do more of it!


You were the lead in Gurinder Chadha’s It’s A Wonderful Afterlife. How was that experience?

Gurinder gave me a dream part. She said she wanted to write a part that was unlike anything I’d never done before. She said it wasn’t going to be glamourous, but would I do it? Of course, I wasn’t going to say no to Gurinder Chadha. She’s a woman of her word.

I was acting opposite Shabana Azmi, which totally terrified me for the first week. I also worked with Zoe Wanamaker and Sally Hawkins, who had just won a Golden Globe, so the stakes were very high, but Gurinder really rooted for me.


On a different note, where’s home for you?

Definitely London. I was born in India before we moved to England and then to Canada, which is where I grew up. I consider Canada as a sort of second home, because I think wherever your parents are represents home in a very different way. My partner and I also have a strong connection with Italy.


What do you do when you’re not acting?

I drink a lot of prosecco! My partner is Italian and he’s a wine buyer. So we eat and drink a lot! I’m a trained yoga teacher, though I’m yet to teach. I’m also obsessed with watching films, usually from the independent section on Netflix. I love watching films that I’m completely new to – no one’s told me about them and I don’t recognise any of the actors - and just allowing the story to unfold.


The Game of Love & Chai opens on Wed 28/02, and if you book today (14.02) for any performance, pop a glass of prosecco in your basket and then quote LOVEANDFIZZ, the prosecco is FREE! 

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