Mitesh Soni's Combustion BEHIND THE SCENES blog #1

28 April 2017

Check out Mitesh Soni's 1st blog, reporting on all-things Combustion!

SAMINA: "They don't discriminate who they're gonna kill when they decide to blow up a bus..."

Combustion, Asif Khan's debut play, began rehearsals on Monday at Tara Arts

Its a sparky* piece set in Bradford, during a time when a racist march takes place. And without giving too much away, the play gives a fresh look on racial prejudice. With added humour. 

The week started with the obligatory "meet & greet" aka "who am I working with?" before swiftly being seated* into a first read through.

And its always great to hear the voices of who those characters are going to be. Beforehand, these characters have just been imagined in your head, but now they've been given actual life. Shaz, Faisal, Andy, Ali & Samina are now becoming real. 
Oh, and here is an exclusive first shot of the cast on the first day. 

Much of the week has been spent steering* through the script and slowly analysing the tone of the piece. Breaking it down; working on units; driving* the intentions of the characters correctly.
It's got to hit right for the audience. 

Easy week you may think. But on top of this we've also taken a trip to a Kwik-Fit; had costume discussions (corking ideas); worked out every morning (buff n ting); & been researching various videos to help us. (Bradford Boyz a personal favourite)

So as week 1 breaks* - we go into week 2 with a shift in gear* to see what we can build into an already playfully dramatic piece. 

*Most of the play is set in a mechanics garage. (See what I pun'd there)

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