12 May 2017

Check out Mitesh Soni's final rehearsal blog, reporting on all-things Combustion!

ANDY "Our girls are not Halal meat!"

At the nub of Combustion lies the story of a grooming scandal. Echoes of Rotherham permeate the piece, and with upcoming TV dramas like Three Girls (BBC) - Combustion is a timely play which will get people thinking. 

When someone who shares the same religion as you, commits an atrocity - what can you do to protect yourself against ignorance? How do you educate those who don't understand? What do you do to end the stigma of being associated with something you don't agree with, & find just as atrocious? 

And so we've arrived in our final week of rehearsal.

Most of this week has found us finally rehearsing in the theatre space at Tara, & working through the piece. Including a stagger through & a run. But additionally we've been able to work on the set, designed by Mila Sanders. And here's an exclusive sneak peek:

Additionally there has been the release of a trailer:.....

Oh and cake. There has been lots of lemon drizzle cake this week. Sadly no photos of them, as eating preceded photography. Sorry.

We're about as ready as we can be now. There's an important story to tell here. Lights, full set and costume braced for the tech. And then we open on Wednesday.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, as that wraps up the rehearsal process. 

See you on the other side- and hopefully at the show!

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