Paradise of the Assassins - Rehearsal Blog Week 1

23 August 2016

"Are you scared? What are you scared of?" - Hussain

Hopefully not the fact I'm writing a weekly rehearsal blog! But here I shall be your window into the rehearsal room of Paradise of The Assassins. So no wasting time, let's get stuck in...


We began, Monday 15th, with meeting the assembled team to take on & present this new piece. No matter how many times you do a show, the first day is always like the first day at a new school. Trepidation, excitement, tea, coffee & crying that mum's left you there. (OK, maybe not that last bit. Maybe.)  

Charged with caffeine, and a tour of Tara's newly developed theatre, we settled straight into a reading of the piece. Or as I call it- "THE TRIAL OF THE ACTORS". 

It's the first time the story is heard with our cast voices, & also the first time the theatre building hear it. Without giving too much away, it's certainly an intense piece and will definitely get the audience thinking about all manner of things.

What strikes me most about it, is that even though it was written a few centuries ago, it is incredibly resonant in today's society. Religion- how it can be used to manipulate, & at the heart of the story, what people do for love. But don't worry, its not all heavy as it sounds. There are (hopefully) some laughs.

Swiftly we then get to see the costume and set designs for the piece straight after the reading, and I've sneaked a pic in below- (shhh for your eyes only): 

The next few days are spent looking into the script in more detail together. and breaking it all down into subjects & heading. (When you watch the piece, see if you can spot where we named a particular section of the script "like a virgin"). And there's also a discussion on how we can possibly show "Paradise" as described in the original book. Abdul Halim Sharar (the writer of the book) mentions "Paradise" being full of lights, jewels, gold sofas, and kebabs.... yep, kebabs. Sadly, after much laughter, the kebabs have been fired from the show. #savethekebabs

But then we're up. No resting on our laurels with this one. Moving, plotting, & making character discoveries as we start to work our way through the play, under Anthony Clark's (director) watchful eye. 

It's a chance to play, and see how we as an ensemble can tell the story in the most vivid & entertaining way for the audience. At this stage we're just starting to put the foundation down for us to be able to build on, over the coming weeks.

But of course it's not just about learning all the script, making character discoveries, and walking AND talking at the same time while moving from one part of the stage to the next (It can be hard). 

Nope - there are also songs (all composed by Danyal Dhondy) - to listen to, and learn. Easy...peezy?

We're only at day five, the brains are all fried, but there's a strong team assembled to do this.

The piece itself runs from 15 Sept - 8 Oct and you can find all details here - which guides to booking tickets ;)

Tweet us using #AssassinsParadise @Tara_Arts

Until next week! 


Mitesh Soni



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