Paradise of the Assassins - Rehearsal Blog Week 3

2 September 2016

"But hasn't your love for Zamurrud been the reason you've embraced so much evil?" Princess Balgan Khatoun 


We had bank holiday off! In the land of theatre, this is generally unheard of. Obviously, we took the opportunity to make sure we all had our lines learnt over the 3 day weekend...or did we?


Learnt or not, this 3rd week of rehearsals started with a bang, or should I say thump. We had the excellent Kevin McCurdy, fight director to the stars, in on Tuesday morning making sure we could all punch, shove, grab & stab each other senseless - IN A SAFE WAY of course. 


Learning new fight sequences, that should look rough and ready on stage, but seamlessly choreographed in a way that no one gets hurt. (If anyone bleeds on stage during the show, then it’s gone wrong #nobloodplease)


This fighting was swiftly followed by singing with Danyal Dhondy. Making sure we're all in tune, singing the right words.... (If I mumble this part of the song, no one will notice... oh wait, we're ALL mumbling the same bit. #awks) 


But don't worry- we are getting better! 


We've even had initial costume fittings but the majority of this week has been looking back over scenes, & adding even more detail into them. Having reached the point where we've been running scenes "seamlessly" together- it’s beginning to look a lot like a play.


More of the story has been getting clearer. This week especially, the piece has made me think of sacrifice. If the person whom you love more than anything dies (god forbid), but leaves you a note on how to meet them again; how far would you betray your own values, to be with them? That sacrifice, or in this instance, murder, must really change you- and then what becomes of you? 


These are just some of the questions I’m asking myself from the piece- as I’m sure as audience, you will have your own. 


But this week, myself and some of the cast managed to bag this selfie. And if you want to know why, then read on....


On Thursday Tara Arts' newly redeveloped theatre had its official opening. Led by artistic director Jatinder Verma; a host of inspiring speeches followed. We had a music treat, great company & food (TIP - Don't ever eat 29 samosas in 3 hours).


How did that selfie happen? Well London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, was in attendance of the opening, and gave thanks to a place he once volunteered. He also stated that "London is open, and Tara Arts is at the heart of that."


It was a moving and beautiful inauguration, seeing in a new era to the theatre.


So with that, we follow straight into our final week of rehearsal...


Don't forget to book your tickets here. 


Until next week, and my final blog. (Don't cry)



Mitesh Soni

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