Paradise of The Assassins - Rehearsal Blog Week 4

9 September 2016

'Until there is unity of belief amongst all people, we live to drive out the infidel...and be rewarded in Paradise' Deedar


And now the end is nigh. Well, for rehearsals anyway. We've reached the final week of testing, trying, replaying & solidifying what we can do. The cake is well and truly set, albeit lightly.

This week we've been able to rehearse in the actual theatre space. Yep, those first steps have been taken!

It's been a great to finally be in the space which will be our home for the next few weeks - but certainly not without its niggles. I for one have had to remind myself of where exits and entrances are - and it's really not that hard! #lostboy

Props too have been making an appearance - the odd fruit bowl, lantern or clothes bundle - finally a reality and not just a mimed action. Again, its the little niggles being discovered-- who takes that prop off, and how do we get it on?


We've got to the point now, where we are just able to run the play over and over. Getting it as clear as is possible before we put it in front of the glorious audience. And because we're all visible/on stage 80% of the time, it means we've really had to be on it.

After our very first run, the second act ran at 1hr 47. But dont worry, its nowhere near that now. Pace pace pace, cue cue cue. (It's a lot shorter)

Amidst all the running we've slipped in some interviews too. Jatinder Verma (AD) joined Asif, Skye and Myself on 2 interviews. One for BBC Radio London and one for BBC Asian Network (Still available to listen to online here - 1hr 26min in!)

As Jatinder mentioned, this story is about love and extremism. On the one hand there's religious fundamentalism, and on the other - the extremism of love. Both strands go hand in hand to make up this show.

From the first readthrough to now, its been a real journey. We've laughed (a lot), we've discovered and we've really gone into depth. They say religion is one of the things you shouldn't talk about at a dinner table, but we've been at it for 4 weeks.

And now, we're nearly ready! This next week will see us enter tech week. Also known as HELL WEEK - long days, lots of repeating - but we've got to get the sound, light and design right - all so that you can enjoy this story to the best of its telling.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully see you on he other side! (aka, in the bar)

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Mitesh Soni 

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