Education Packs
Education Packs

Education Packs

Tara is committed to enabling formal and informal education though the arts. . 

Teachers and students can download our Education Resource Packs for free by clicking the links below.  


Education Resource Packs relating to the National Curriculum Key Stages include:

PARADISE OF THE ASSASSINS Key Stage 3 & 4 covering English, Drama, History, Politics, Religious Studies, Citizenship  

HAMLET Key Stage 3 & 4 covering English, Drama, History, Citizenship

THE DIARY OF A HOUNSLOW GIRL Key Stage 3 & 4 covering English, Drama, History, Politics, Religious Studies, Citizenship

SHE CALLED ME MOTHER Key Stage 3 & 4 covering Citizenship, Thetare Studies & English.

MACBETH Key Stage 3 & 4 covering Tara's Asian version of Shakespeare's tragedy.

SUBTERRANEAN SEPOYS Key stage 3 & 4 covering History, Citizenship, Thetare Studies & English.



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