Trial holes have been dug in our theatre floor. Props, costumes and scripts placed in storage. Offices emptied. Tara @ 356 Garratt Lane stands eerily silent after 30 years of constant bustle, waiting for the sound of hammer and drill to shatter the silence. Construction start is now imminent.

In Indian mythology, Shiva is said to dance at the end of each Era. A dance of destructive creation. For out the ashes of one Era rises another...

As the empty Tara theatre waits anxiously for the hammers that will knock over her bricks, the drills that will bore into her foundations until only rubble remains, she knows too that out of the rubble, like the mythic Phoenix bird, will rise the new Tara Theatre, welcoming within its brick walls the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of the myriad imagined worlds that make up our vibrant human experience.  

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