Jatinder Verma on 'hideously white' UK theatre

15 December 2016

New report from Andrew Lloyd Webber

The Stage reports this month on Centre Stage, a report on ethnic diversity commissioned by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. Lloyd Webber critiques the UK theatre industry as “hideously white” and notes the lack of opportunities for Black Asian Minority Ethnic [BAME] actors. Moreover, the report emphasises the economic barriers that obstruct BAME actors from receiving formal training and systemic barriers across the theatre industry. Tara Arts’ Artistic Director Jatinder Verma comments on the report:

“I am delighted to read that the Andrew Lloyd Foundation has lent its support to increasing Asian and Black representation in the theatre. In particular, I welcome the report's recommendation calling for subsidising 50% of places in drama schools. I hope this report encourages Asian and Black businesses as well as philanthropists to support young people with the talent and desire to get into the profession. It is time for our communities to also take active steps in supporting creative opportunities.”

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