22 March 2021

Tara Arts is creating a contemplative, collaborative, celebratory and unique work, based on local people’s experiences of loss during the pandemic.

Bereavement during COVID-19 has been much harder than in normal circumstances. Limited contact in the last days of life, being unable to say goodbye as most would have wanted, the bereaved experiencing social isolation and loneliness due to restrictions and family and friends being unable to give loved ones the send-off they deserved have all played their part.

Tara’s upcoming project A Final Farewell will respond to some of these issues and find ways to honour and celebrate those who were lost. We are looking for people to join us on this journey, we’d be honoured to hear of your stories of loss during this pandemic for our project A Final Farewell. To capture these stories our Artistic Director, Abdul Shayek will be working with Sudha Bhuchar (Writer, Actor, Founder of Bhuchar Boulevard and co-founder of Tamasha).

A Final Farewell explores how we say a proper goodbye to people lost during or due to COVID-19. The people who were in our churches, mosques and temples who didn’t get the goodbye they deserved. The nurses and doctors no longer with us. The people of our community, no longer standing.

We are planning to create a set of walks that will sit alongside recordings of stories of local people lost during the pandemic. Audience members will listen to these pre-recorded memories from the first-person perspective, all whilst retracing personal journeys of the deceased via a pre-planned route. It might be a Sunday stroll or the journey to work, an evening walk to the gym or a visit to the local shop.

The show will culminate in a celebratory finale, where people will come together to celebrate and share these stories.

It would be a privilege to hear about your loved ones who were lost during this pandemic. Come and share more about who they were, what about them made you smile, their favourite part of Wandsworth, all of the people who loved and cherished them and any other beautiful, funny or joyous memories.

If you would like to be part of this project please email: [email protected] to arrange a conversation with either Sudha or Abdul.



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