12 June 2020

Tara Arts is one of 138 arts organisations and venues supporting the Freelance Task Force. We are excited to be sponsoring Anjali Chadha, Dramaturg.

Each of the organisations who’ve signed this letter are committed to reaching out to their family of self-employed and freelance theatre makers; listening to how this is affecting your work and lives, and to your needs and ideas for the future. Please get in touch with Tara Arts through our social media or by emailing [email protected]

Each organisation is sponsoring a freelancer to be part of a national task force of self-employed theatre and performance makers. The purpose of the task force is to strengthen the influence of the self-employed theatre and performance community. It will create ongoing points of connection between freelancers and organisations, and amplify the voice of the self-employed in the conversations to come. 

We are moving fast to set this up as quickly as we can so that the 70% of the theatre/performance workforce who are self-employed or freelance can be better represented in the conversations to come.

Every organisation has worked independently to identify one freelancer who they will pay for one day per week for June, July, and August (13 weeks) to be part of the Freelance Task Force.

Every organisation is using a different process to do this. We are also monitoring representation collectively, via a shared tracker, as we go through these processes, to try to ensure we achieve as much representation across the task force as possible.  Given that we are working at speed and across multiple organisations, it is very likely that there will be gaps in the representation we achieve: we aim to work together to fill these as best we can, and if they are still there when the task force gets up and running, we will also ask the task force for their ideas about how we can continue to improve this. 

The organisations involved are committed be transparent about our processes and about the successes and failures of this initiative along the way, and remain open to ideas and provocations. This is an experiment, and we are learning every day. 

Tara Arts has approached a freelancer directly to be part of the national task force. Using the shared tracker we identified gaps in representation with specific regard to ethnicity, disability and type of freelance role which Tara Arts wanted to directly address with our freelancer. Anjali will bring her experience, understanding and expertise in these areas. As a small organisation with limited capacity, we were unable to run an open recruitment process at this time. As always though, we are committed to representing the views and needs of our wider freelance community and are very keen to hear your thoughts. Therefore, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will ensure your input is shared with the task force via Anjali.

Thank you to the freelancers who proposed this: we listen and learn from you, as we will listen and learn from the #FreelanceTaskForce in the weeks to come.


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