Donations & Sponsorship
Donations & Sponsorship

Donations & Sponsorship


Re-visioned Tara Theatre is a landmark building - the country’s first dedicated small-scale multicultural theatre. The theatre houses a 100-seat auditorium, separate development Studio, changing rooms, workshop and making space, offices with green initiatives and energy efficient infrastructure and of course a delightful bar and outdoor patio space.

Architecturally, the new Tara theatre is a fusion of Edwardian brick and Indian wood, including doors and architraves from India, all held together within a 21st century steel cube. The architectural multiculturalism of the building is echoed in our artistic programme. 

A one off donation or putting your name to an object in our building are some great ways to support our work. 


For more information, please contact:

Jonathan Kennedy

Executive Director

020 8333 4457


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