Tara Makers are a key part of the creative team, becoming essential witnesses and contributors to our work.       
Tara Makers directly help create and present new works and new versions of classics. Makers will regularly meet Jatinder Verma (Artistic Director and Founder) and are given an exclusive insight into the unique journey that each Tara production takes.
Tara Theatre comfortably seats up to 100 people – become a part of this unique Centurion Club! 

From £720 



  • Invitation to Tara production Press Nights
  • An invitation to a special Maker’s annual event hosted by Artistic Director Jatinder Verma where the following artistic year’s ideas will be exclusively shared.
  • Exclusive invitations to attend private workshop & development sessions for Tara’s work followed by Q&A with the artist(s)
  • Exclusive e-newsletter with behind the scenes insights 
  • Invitation to the Friends’ annual gala event
  • Priority booking – 5 days in advance 
  • Personal membership card


Your name on the donors’ page of our website and Tara programmes



  • Programme voucher worth £10
  • Drinks vouchers worth £20


Membership period: 365 days
Total value of donation: £690
Total value of benefits: £30


For more information and to join our scheme, please contact:

Lauren Harbord

Development Assistant 

020 8333 4457



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