Tara Mentors make a crucial contribution to Tara Studio, and therefore to the main Theatre. The Studio acts as a generator for emerging talent and ideas that will shape future projects at Tara Theatre…and beyond. 

Mentors are committed to the development of new talent and new work by nurturing the next generation of theatre artists. 

Supporting a season of play-readings in Tara Studio, for example, ensures promising actors, playwrights, directors, producers and arts managers have the opportunity to grow and create a meaningful contribution to theatre and the spoken arts. 

Tara Studio accommodates 30 audience members – become part of the 30-Club!


From £300  



  • Invitation to a special Mentor’s annual event
  • Exclusive invitations to attend private workshop & development sessions for Tara’s work followed by Q&A with the artist(s)
  • Exclusive e-newsletter with behind the scenes insights 
  • Invitation to the Friends’ annual gala event
  • Priority booking – 5 days in advance 
  • Personal membership card



Your name on the donors’ page of our website and Tara Studio programmes



  • Programme voucher worth £5
  • Drinks vouchers worth £10


Membership period: 365 days
Total value of donation: £285
Total value of benefits: £15


For more information and to join our scheme, please contact:

Jonathan Kennedy

Executive Director

020 8333 4457




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