Roll Over Atlantic - John Agard
Roll Over Atlantic - John Agard

Roll Over Atlantic - John Agard

Join John Agard on a voyage in verse and song

Wednesday 18 October 7.30pm

Roll Over Atlantic is a satirical revisiting of the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Columbus, by his accidental 'discovery' of the so-called New World, gave a kickstart to globalisation, bridging Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, and joining forever the fates of these separate hemispheres and eco-systems.

Telescoping the voyages, Agard, brings his irreverent wit from page to stage, fusing elements of calypso, cabaret and the absurd, as he variously takes on the voices of Columbus, The Atlantic, a native shaman and The Mighty Mosquito!

Written in verse with a sprinkling of songs and performed against a soundscape of Atlantic murmurings and symphonic mosquito buzzing, Agard takes us on a fantastical, fanatical historic voyage.

Directed by award-winning live literature director, Mark C. Hewitt, with specially composed music by Thomas Arnold of Stomp's Lost and Found Orchestra, this is a one man show like no other.


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