Tales of Birbal
Tales of Birbal

Tales of Birbal

Mashi Theatre presents

Sat 3 June 11am & 1pm

Timeless and treasured fables from the Indian sub-continent

Step into the enchanting world of the Moghul King Akbar and his witty advisor, the legendary Birbal…

Mashi and Bhanji are travelling story-tellers, living hand-to-mouth with just a wooden cart as their only possession and a family of mischievous crows for company.

Stopping one day for lunch, they recreate mythical tales of the great King Akbar and his wise companion, Birbal. How can a man survive a night in a freezing lake? How many crows are there in a kingdom? Only Birbal knows!

Using humour, puppetry, music and the occasional fake beard, Mashi and Bhanji bring to vivid life these famous tales that have been treasured for generations.

What a great show. If you are wanting laughter, to go into the imagination and connect with your inner child, then this play has it all! Audience Member


At midnight on 14/15 August 1947, India and Pakistan became independent from the British Empire. A relationship that formally began with Sir Thomas Roe’s embassy to the court of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir in 1615, ended over three centuries later with the independent nations of India and Pakistan.
The Indian sub-continent shaped Britain’s destiny, as much as Britain shaped modern India and Pakistan’s. Tara Theatre marks this extraordinarily intimate relationship through a series of 70 events over the course of the year - plays, music, dance and spoken word that illuminate the connections between the worlds of India, Pakistan and Britain.

“A moment comes which comes but rarely in history,
when we step out from the old to the new…”
Jawaharlal Nehru on 15 August 1947

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