The Key Keepers of Kabul
The Key Keepers of Kabul

The Key Keepers of Kabul

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Thu 21 March | 7pm

Afghanistan 1981. Amidst political chaos and the looming onslaught of civil war, six men and women hide the secrets of a nation's history for over twenty years, with countries and terrorist factions intent on uncovering the truth. Silence is their only way out. "A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive".

The Key Keepers of Kabul is inspired by true events which happened after the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1992. Based on interviews and testimonies from the original key holders, Nancy Dupree's translator and help from the Afghan Embassy in London. This is the story of the Tahilwidar’s - The Key Keepers of Kabul.

Patris, a bookseller based in Kabul, and Nancy Dupree (considered the grandmother of Afghanistan), foresee that the nation's treasures and the most priceless collection of gold antiquities ever discovered - The Bactrian Horde - will be at risk after the Russian withdrawal.

They recruit a crack team of skilled operators that cause one of the biggest treasure hunts in history. Risking their lives against governments and terrorist factions intent on uncovering the truth of the horde’s whereabouts, they embark upon an adventure which would preserve history forever.

All proceeds go to Afghan


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